Getting to Know TMS

Getting to Know TMS
I created this blog site to keep my love for writing and journalism alive upon leaving Free Malaysia Today (FMT),

Hello everyone,

Welcome to The Mutiara Sentinel (TMS), a blog site that delves into issues related to the Malaysian and world political and social scenes - in news article and opinion editorial formats.

Occasionally, TMS would also focus on popular culture as well as leisure activities and spots around Penang as well.

I created this blog site to keep my love for writing and journalism intact upon leaving the news industry after nearly two-and-a-half years. I have found that the skills and knowledge learned from the old job were far too valuable for me to simply abandon.

The Mutiara Sentinel gives me the opportunity to further polish my writing and journalistic skills.

What do readers get by following TMS?

By following TMS, you would get to access news articles and opinion editorials on the happenings in Malaysia and other countries' political and social scenes.

With the US 2024 presidential election nearing, you will be "served" with interesting political analysis pieces on the presidential candidates, voter sentiments and debates.

You would also get to enjoy commentary pieces on popular culture (movies and series) as well as articles on leisure and tourist sites around Penang, my beloved home state.

Things will be up and running here shortly, but you can subscribe to the blog at the meantime, and get yourselves updated on new entries on our blog via emails!

Warm Regards,